Monday, February 15, 2016

MEDOUSA - Coming Soon from Mondo Macabro!


You can now pre-order MEDOUSA direct from Mondo Macabro! $15 plus shipping.

Copies will be mailed out as soon as stock arrives, likely ahead of the official street date.

In this surreal retelling of the ancient myth of the Medusa, bizarre, clothed statues of men

are appearing all over Greece. Only Perseus, the leader of a gang of modern Athenian

thieves, holds the answer to the mystery. It has something to do with a beautiful, long-

haired women in black who is connected with his troubled childhood. One night his gang

breaks into a deserted house in the countryside looking for goods to steal. What they find

is entirely unexpected and leads Perseus on a dangerous journey into his past.

Medousa is one of the very few attempts to make a modern Greek horror film. Its

intriguing plot unfolds in a surprising and yet entirely logical way, creating a memorably

atmospheric thriller that reworks familiar myths into an original and highly personal


Mondo Macabro are very proud to be presenting for the first time on US video this

overlooked gem of genre cinema. The film was screened at a number of international

festivals and won a prize at World-Fest Houston in 1998. It’s a film ripe for rediscovery

and this long overdue release announces the re-emergence of a unique film making talent.


Interview with writer/director George Lazopoulos

Interview with lead actor Thanos Amorginos

Extensive background notes


Newly created optional subtitles

Mondo Macabro previews

Newly commissioned cover art by Gilles Vranckx

Teaser Trailer:

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