Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Wife Killer (1976, Dacosta Carayan)

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New from Mondo Macabro is volume 2 in their brand new Greek collection. As I stated in my review for Tango of Perversion, I knew absolutely nothing about Greek films before these two great titles came along. But if these are any hint of the types of Greek films that are out there, then I hope Mondo Macabro releases more!

The Wife Killer (aka Death Kiss and the rather harsh titled The Rape Killer) tells the story of a gold digger who plans to have his rich sugar mama off'd to inherit her fortune. See he's got a girl on the side that he plans on taking off in his new yacht to live happily ever after with. Who is he going to have commit the crime for him? Well this creep just happens to be friends with a fine chap who gets his jollies by raping and killing women. As would be expected, double crossings, murders and other sleazy activities ensue.

The Wife Killer (as was stated on the DVD cover) definitely felt similar to the Italian gialli from the 70's. And though there was no mystery killer walking around dressed head to toe in black, there were copious amounts of plot twists, sex and bloody violence. Where some of the gialli were more "style over substance" (not that there was anything wrong with that), The Wife Killer, like Tango of Perversion, is very well written and completely sensical. There are beautiful women to ogle at, lots of red stuff and you'll find yourself scratching your head wondering what's going to happen until the last frame. Like Mondo Macabro's Tango of Perversion DVD, The Wife Killer is presented with a very nice looking, uncut transfer as well as an interview with the producer, trailers and a documentary on Greek cinema.

Rating: 9/10

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