Friday, July 10, 2015

Fast Cars Fast Women / Starship Eros (1981 / 1979, Scott McHaley)

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Recently released from the great Vinegar Syndrome is a nice double feature of films from Scott McHaley. Couldn't find much info on McHaley on the web, other than directing these two films but the guy definitely had some talent. I mean, its not everyday you see a car racing adult film, let alone a sci fi adult film! But lets praise the gods at VinSyn for pulling these titles out of obscurity and bringing them to us weirdos!

Fast Cars Fast Women stars Kay Parker as Molly, a race car sponsor who hires new driver Kristy (Lisa Lane) to race for her. But they find trouble when the owner of a tire company and his goon (Ron Jeremy) sabotages their cars. Starship Eros stars Lori Rogers as the commander of a spaceship with an all female crew. New crew member Christine Moon (Becky Saunders) joins the crew and is swiftly shown pleasure at the hands of the commander, her bunk mate and a captured Amazon woman. Oh yeah, and the ship's male robot Quasar, who is real man from the neck down (and powered by a 9 volt battery and a cassette player).

What can I say about these films? Hokey? Yes. Silly? Sure. But goddamn were they a lot of fun. Starship Eros wore its zero budget on its sleeve, which in my opinion made the ridiculous story even more watchable. I mean it is an adult film after all. But the actors all "performed" very well and the addition of the male robot (wearing a C-3PO mask) was hilarious. Overall, just as great as you would hope from an adult science fiction film from the 70s. Fast Cars Fast Women was light years ahead of Starship Eros in terms of story, budget and pretty much everything else. Seeing a young(er) Ron Jeremy was interesting to say the least and the whole cast were attractive and surprisingly decent actors (not just in bed). I wouldn't be able to pick which of these I enjoyed more because I loved them both for different reasons, but what Starship Eros lacked in budget it made up for in laughs. Vinegar Syndrome's release (under their Peekarama series) is a nice quality release with two great prints and a very reasonable price. VinSyn should be applauded for releasing such obscure, yet classic films. Full list of specs are below:

-1.85:1 OAR
-Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
-Softcore outtakes for FAST CARS FAST WOMEN
-Theatrical Trailer for FAST CARS FAST WOMEN
-Audio Introduction by Producer Wesley Emerson for STARSHIP EROS


Fast Cars Fast Women: 8/10
Starship Eros: 8/10

Purchase Fast Cars Fast Women/Starship Eros directly from Vinegar Syndrome HERE

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