Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Cut-Throats (1969, John Hayes)

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X Rated war film? SOLD! I'll fess up to watching a few nazisploitation films in my time and generally they're not my thing. The Cut-Throats however is more skin than shock (not bad in this case). Recently released by Vinegar Syndrome, this film is a limited release of 1500 and only available through Vinegar Syndrome's website as a freebie if you bought either their May or June monthly bundles (or July if they have any left).

The Cut-Throats takes place at the end of WWII in Germany where an American captain assembles a group of top soldiers (one of which dies on the way). Their mission is to take over a German army base and steal top secret plans. After taking over, they meet up with a group of German women who dress in costumes and perform for the men (in more ways than one). Will the men lose focus on their agenda in favor of their desires?

The Cut-Throats was a very watchable and surprisingly engrossing film. The hour and 15 or so minute runtime seemed much longer (in a good way) and there was a fair bit of suspense regarding how the film would resolve. The Cut-Throats wore its low budget on its sleeve and some of the acting was lackluster but it never detracted from the film's enjoyment level. Oh and when I say it's rated X, its not a hardcore adult film, more softcover by today's standards. My favorite scene was the love scene between the German officer and secretary who immediately start fooling around (with a bottle of wine) once the war is declared finished. As expected from Vinegar Syndrome, we are treated with a very obscure, but very entertaining film from a beautiful transfer. Overall a nice release (if you can get a copy).


Film: 8/10
DVD: 9/10

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