Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Massacre Mafia Style (1974, Duke Mitchell)

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"You're in or you're in the way!"

Another recent release from Grindhouse Releasing is the rarely seen cult classic from nightclub singer turned film maker Duke Mitchell, Massacre Mafia Style (aka Like Father, Like Son). Briefly released theatrically and then gaining a cult following from its 80's VHS release (under the title The Executioner), Massacre Mafia Style is a rarely seen film that is like a US version of the Italian Polizioteschi and Godfather rip offs of the 70's. And similar to many of those films, Massacre Mafia Style delivers (and sometimes exceeds its spaghetti counterparts) in the exploitation department. Actually that's an understatement. Read on.

Writer/Director/Composer Duke Mitchell plays Mimi, the son of a retired crime boss who goes to America (after his family was exiled to Italy for many years) to follow in his father's footsteps. Mimi, along with his old American pal Jolly (Vic Caesar), kidnaps the Mafia don as a way to make himself known and is soon brought into the fold. He plans to steal a black pimp's stable of girls ("he's even got white girls!") and use them as stars of the porn films he wants to get into. You know, because the mob wants him to get into something "legitimate".

Ok, so tell me that doesn't sound like the greatest film ever? Well, it does. And it was. I fucking loved this film. As great as Mitchell's absurdly violent Gone with the Pope was, Massacre Mafia Style was even better. The violence in this film is balls to the walls crazy and Mitchell proves he has what it takes to kick ass. The film has some nasty, gory kills, an insanely brilliant story and enough hokey acting and beautiful, scantily clad women to appease the sleaze Gods. And then let's talk about Grindhouse Releasing's DVD/Blu Ray combo. AMAZING! More bonus features than you could shake a stick at (whatever that means) and a nearly flawless transfer. Below is a list of all of the bonus features:

-2 disc combo pack - Blu-ray + DVD
-Incredible new hi-definition digital restoration of the original director's cut
-Stunning digital restoration of the original mono soundtrack
-Interviews with Jeffrey Mitchell, Frankie Ray, George Jacobs, Jim LoBianco, and exploitation legend Matt Cimber
-Almost one full hour of never-before-seen Duke Mitchell home movies
-Lost audio recording - Duke Mitchell Live in Concert, June 9, 1960
-Extensive still galleries, radio spots, and theatrical trailer
-Glossy booklet containing liner notes by veteran cult movie journalist David Szulkin
-Spectacular new cover painting by renowned Los Angeles cult artist Dave Lebow


Film: 10/10
DVD/Blu Ray: 10/10

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