Thursday, January 31, 2013

Miami Connection (1987, Y.K. Kim/Richard Park)

Unearthed by genre experts at the Alamo Drafthouse comes an inexplicable, other-worldly slice of celluloid that has already become a cult classic. Miami Connection (if you're thinking Miami Vice meets The French Connection then you couldn't be wronger), truly left me speechless. When it was over, I felt dumbfounded, amazed, enlightened and sore from 83 minutes worth of non-stop laughter.

Miami Connection stars martial arts Grandmaster Y.K. Kim as part of a rock band called Dragon Sound, comprised of fellow orphaned Tae Kwon Do experts (played by his real life students). Together the group drive by the beach, get pizza, go to college and play their rockin' brand of inspirational new wave/hard rock at the local rock club. Seriously, the two songs in their oeuvre are about friendship and fighting ninjas (respectively). Invading Miami is a group of ninjas who steal "stupid cocaine" from some drug dealers. Dragon Sound end up in the crossfire and unsurprisingly kick everyone's asses.

Miami Connection is like no other film I've ever seen. Just when you think the plot is going somewhere, it is abandoned and goes in a totally different direction. I have a feeling that there was really no script and the scenes were written each morning when they figured out where they could shoot. There is really no acting in the film either, only non-acting or over-acting. The best scenes in the film showed Dragon Sound in all their rockin' glory. The songs are so ridiculously awesome and seeing Y.K. Kim pretending like he knew how to play guitar (I don't even think he had a guitar pick) was quite a sight. Other highlights are ninjas on motorcycles, the token African American Dragon Sound member finding his real dad, the rival rock band (who look like car salesmen) trying to get Dragon Sound fired and...fuck, just the whole movie is awesome. This film is kind of like a third nipple. Most people won't want to see it, but those who do find it fascinating. I can't thank the Alamo Drafthouse enough for providing us with this gem.

RATING: 10/10

To download the Dragon Sound songs featured in the film, click HERE

Watch the trailer HERE

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