Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Satan's Blood (1978, Carlos Puerto)

Continuing on with my series of reviews for Katarina's Midnight Theater is the 70s Spanish devil worshipping film Satan's Blood.  As I stated in my review for The Pyx, I love me some Occult 70s Horror so naturally Satan's Blood was on my wish list.

Satan's Blood stars Angel Aranda and Sandra Alberti as Bruno and Berta, a bored couple who decide to go out for some fun.  While stopped at a red light, a man (traveling with his wife) in the car next to them recognizes Bruno as an old college classmate.  Though Bruno doesn't remember him, they accept an invitation to their house.  After driving quite far and questioning whether they should turn around, they finally reach the house.  The man shows some old pictures of Bruno that he doesn't remember being in and then pulls out a Ouija board.  They talk Bruno and Berta into participating and some deep dark secrets come out.  As it turns out, the couple are disciples of Satan and all kinds of humping and bloody violence transpire.

Satan's Blood is a humdinger of a Horror/Exploitation hybrid.  The English dubbing is bad (though the DVD also includes a Spanish language track...without subtitles!) and the actions made by the characters are completely unbelievable.  Still, WHO CARES?  There is a satanic orgy and lots of other staples of the genre that will be welcomed by those miscreants who crave occult horror.  Lots of sex, blood and creepy atmosphere make this one a classic!  The DVD includes the aforementioned English and Spanish audio tracks (why couldn't they whip up some subtitles?), an intro by horror host Katarina Leigh Waters and trailers for other films in the Katarina's Midnight Theater series.

RATING:  8/10

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