Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Humongous (1982, Paul Lynch)

Released last fall from Scorpion Releasing is the highly sought after 80s Canadian horror film, Humongous.  Released under the Katarina's Nightmare Theater banner and featuring an intro with horror host/former wrestler Katarina Leight Waters, this is the first time Humongous is getting a DVD release.  I had never even heard of this film before it was announced but definitely wanted to check it out after reading the synopsis.

Humongous begins with a woman being harassed and raped at a party by a drunk hooligan.  Many years later we are introduced to a group of teens who decide to take their boat out for some fun.  You have the stereotypical jerk, the nice couple, the nerdy girl and the heroine.  They come across a man whose boat has capsized and help him on board.  He warns them of some rocks up ahead but our stereotypical jerk decides to take the wheel and run right into them.  Way to go tough guy!  They end up shipwrecked on a nearby island which our capsized stranger tells us is owned by a reclusive woman guarded by wild dogs.  After doing a little exploring, the island appears to be deserted with only dog skeletons found.  But they're not alone.

Humongous is a fun little Canadian export that follows the 80s slasher formula pretty much to a T.  Though hampered by the typical dragging mid section where nothing much happens, the final act of the film pays off.  When we finally see what is lurking on the island and what he does to our protagonists, we find that the film was worth the wait.  One other gripe I had was the lack of background on the killer.  The explanation (or hinted explanation) didn't really make a lot of sense.  The film reminded me at times of The Beast Within, though with less plot.  But 80s horror fans shouldn't be disappointed.  Also included are trailers for other Katarina's Nightmare Theater DVDs and a nice commentary track with director Paul Lynch, writer William Gray, horror historian Nathaniel Thompson and Ms. Waters moderating.

RATING:  7/10

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