Monday, June 13, 2011

Trailers from Hell Vol. 2 / Little Shop of Horrors (2011, Shout! Factory)

From Shout! Factory and Joe Dante's website Trailers from Hell comes Trailers from Hell Volume 2.  Not only does this DVD include 20 exclusive trailers with director commentaries but it also includes a brand new Anamorphic Widescreen transfer of Roger Corman's classic original Little Shop of Horrors.  No, I'm not kidding.  How could anyone pass this up?  I know I couldn't.  For anyone unfamiliar with Trailers from Hell, it began as a website created by famed director Joe Dante (Piranha, Gremlins) where he gathered up several genre directors to provide commentaries for classic movie trailers - mainly horror, cult and exploitation.

Trailers from Hell Volume 2 is another great collection of trailers only this time they weren't previously available on the TFH website (as the first collection's trailers were).  Dante assembles some very well known directors and screenwriters to give insightful commentaries on everything from well known classics to not so well known gems.  The roster is as follows:

-Roger Corman on trailers for Ski Troop Attack and Premature Burial
-Joe Dante on Donovan’s Brain and The Invisible Ghost
-Guillermo Del Toro on Deep Red and The Hunchback of Notre Dame
-Ernest Dickerson on The Creeping Unknown
-Mick Garris on Fire Maidens from Outer Space and Flesh Gordon
-Jack Hill on Pit Stop
-Larry Karaszewski on Last Summer and The Tenant
-Lloyd Kaufman on Terror Firmer
-Mary Lambert on Godzilla vs. Mothra
-John Landis on Gorgo
-Josh Olson on Jaws and The Lineup
-Michael Peyser on Seven Days in May
-Brian Trenchard-Smith on Devil Ship Pirates and Stranglers of Bombay

As anyone can see from this exciting group of films and those providing the commentaries, this collection is terrific.  The commentaries are filled with little known facts, anecdotes and humor.  My favorites were John Landis' Gorgo (the funniest of the bunch), Jack Hill on Pit Stop (one of my favorite directors doing one of my favorite movies) and Brian Trenchard-Smith doing two little known Hammer Horror films.  The best thing about this collection is finding new movies I've never even heard of that are now on my must-see list.  So I highly recommend this collection for any horror, cult, B movie, exploitation and trailer collection fan.  Let's not forget though that you also get a beautiful new Anamorphic Widescreen transfer of Little Shop of Horrors too!  I'll be the first to admit that this movie is pretty dumb but it's fun, silly and the scene with Jack Nicholson at the dentist is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.  This new transfer is like a Michael Bay film compared to the other public domain junk versions out there so this is definitely the way to see the film.

RATING:  10/10

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