Friday, January 14, 2011

The Taint (2010, Drew Bolduc, Dan G. Nelson)

What's the most offensive, gory and just plain wrong movie you've ever seen? If you answered anything other than The Taint, then you obviously haven't seen it.

The Taint centers around Phil O'Ginny (Drew Bolduc), a whiny dufus with the worst haircut known to man.  While in the woods with his girlfriend, a psychotic killer starts hunting him.  Phil runs into Misandra (Colleen Walsh) who explains to him that the world is being overrun by madman.  As it turns out, the water supply has been "tainted" with a chemical that turns men into misogynistic killing machines who bash women's heads in with rocks.  This tainted water also causes other "physical" changes in those infected.

The Taint is one of those movies that not only goes for the kill, but smashes your brain, pulls out your intestines and then makes love to your lifeless corpse.  To say it's offensive is quite the understatement.  Vomiting, disemboweling, shooting, bashing, and any other violent or act to any body part you can think of are all here.  The acting is amateurish and the middle is a tad slow (even though the film is only 70 minutes long) but otherwise a fun film that holds nothing sacred, except making you puke.

RATING: 9/10

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