Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looking for an Extreme Gore Video Mixtape?

Look no further.  Sodomatik Mixtapes feature the nastiest of the nasty.  The gruesomest of the gruesome.  The slimiest of the slimy.  Here's a little synopsis from their site:

Sodomatik Vol 1, the first tape from the Sodomatik video mixtape series, features the most graphic horror and exploitation video clips. It clips the most obscure of splatter and gore movies.  Vol 2 of the Sodomatik series picks up right where vol 1 left off. The tape is just as violent and shocking. It's still in production, so the final tape has not been released yet, and it will not be released for another month at least.

You can download samples and view previews on their site.  For you extreme gore fans - this ones for you!

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