Thursday, April 29, 2010

Count Zarth Arn says "Buy Starmummy's DVDs - real cheap!"

That's right folks.  The almighty Count Zarth Arn has spoken and he speaks the truth.  I will be listing TONS of DVDs over the course of who knows and I'm sure there's lots of stuff that your horror/exploitation/sleaze lovin' asses will want for yourselves.  Please don't ask me for special deals or anything because I'll tell you to pound sand.  Just bid fer crissakes!  I just bought a house so money is scarce.  CLICK HERE or just do an ebay search for the seller STARMUMMY

Over and out.

Dammit!  Ebay just pulled my Faces of Death 4 Disc collection because it "promotes violence".  Fuckers.  If anyone wants it, I'm selling it for $30.  Email me if you're interested (

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