Friday, April 30, 2010

Intruder (1989, Scott Spiegel)

Scott Spiegel is best known in association with Sam Raimi.  He has been in several of Raimi's films, including Evil Dead 1 & 2 as well as Spiderman 1 & 2.  He also co-wrote Evil Dead 2 with Raimi and directed a few films, including this one here.  Intruder even stars Sam Raimi and his brother Ted Raimi (another frequent collaborator).  So the mention of Raimi is inevitable, which really isn't a bad thing considering Raimi's large fanbase.  Intruder I stumbled upon mainly because of Raimi and Bruce Campbell (who also has a cameo).

Intruder takes place in a little supermarket at night.  The graveyard shift crew is about to close the store when the ex-boyfriend (David Byrnes) of Jennifer (Elizabeth Cox), one of the cashiers, starts making trouble.  She knows he is trouble and doesn't want anything to do with him but he won't take no for an answer.  After fighting with and being thrown out by some of the other employees, we assume he left.  Right after, the two owners inform the workers that the store will be going out of business and right away each of the employees starts dying one by one.  Looks like there is an Intruder in the store.

Intruder started off slow and a little too "after school special", with a bunch of 80s teens woe-ing over their problems.  At about the half way point, stuff starts gettin' good.  We have the legendary KNB Effects group (Robert Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger) to thank for their realistic, untamed and just downright grody makeup effects.  Ever wondered what it would look like if someone's head got sawed in half?  Check out this film and you'll see!  The film is part whodunnit (you think you know who the killer is but you're not sure, then you know, then you don't) and part gory slasher.  The characters are a little less one dimensional then your average slasher but you'll still find yourself rooting for the next kill (at least I did, but I'm kinda weird).  The actors are another fun thing about the film, including Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, Renee Estevez (sister of Emilio and Charlie Sheen, who was also in Sleepaway Camp 2) and a very short cameo by Bruce Campbell.  The setting is also a plus being that you don't see many horror films that take place solely in a supermarket.  The killings really kicked ass but unfortunately I could tell who the killer was shortly into the film so it lessened the impact.  Still, it was a good film that should be a must see for gorehounds or fans of Raimi and Campbell.

RATING:  6/10

Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beyond the Darkness (1979, Joe D'Amato)

Beyond the Darkness is a film I got from a Netflix free trial after browsing through their site.  I had never heard of it but I had read a bit about Joe D'Amato and had seen a couple of his films (Anthropophagus and Porno Holocaust) and wanted to see more of his stuff.  I did a little research and found out that the film is somewhat acclaimed (or at least one of the better films of his long and varied career).  I also read that it was pretty sick.

Frank (Kieran Canter) is a wealthy young man who was orphaned as a child with only his devoted maid Iris (Franca Stoppi) to care for him.  Devoted being an understatement since Frank suckles Iris' breasts in stressful times and allows her to give him handjobs too.  Some maid!  Anyway, Iris is jealous of Frank's girlfriend Anna (Cinzia Monreale) and uses black magic to kill her.  Iris hopes this will win Frank over but instead the "slightly unbalanced" Frank (who is also a taxidermist) digs up Anna to bring home.  He takes out her organs and embalms her so she'll stay fresh for him to keep on loving.  Yeah, eww.  Iris' jealousy continues but that doesn't stop her from helping Frank dismember and dissolve a couple of girls in acid baths that he brings home, when they find out about Anna. 

Pretty sick?  Yeah, you could say that.  Or fucking kooky works too.  Though you can't help snicker at the sheer wackiness of the story, the film is played dead seriously which makes the whole affair that much more unsettling.  All of the death and gore scenes are astoundingly realistic and Cinzia Monreale plays one of the most believable corpses this side of Weekend at Bernie's.  No seriously, I can't think of a harder role but she nailed it.  The dismemberment and embalming scenes are very explicit and so well done that you want to cry snuff.  Kieran Canter (who went on to do porn) is perfect as Frank and Franca Stoppi is quite sinister as Iris.  All of these elements together make for a surprisingly watchable and (gasp) likable film.  Not a very inspiring or emotional film but well done.

RATING:  6/10 

Eaten Alive (1980, Umberto Lenzi)

Umberto Lenzi is credited with starting the Italian Cannibal craze (for better or worse) with his 1972 film The Man from Deep River.  The film was basically a remake of the Richard Harris film A Man Called Horse, only instead of Richard Harris being captured by Indians and eventually becoming part of their tribe, it was Ivan Rassimov being captured by Cannibals and ...well, I'm sure you can guess.  Several years later, the same year as Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust, Lenzi made the second of his three Cannibal films, Mangiati Vivi!...aka Eaten Alive. 

Eaten Alive follows Sheila Morris (Janet Agren), a woman who travels to New York to search for her sister Diana (Paola Senatore), who has gone missing.  Sheila soon finds out that her sister went into the jungles of New Guinea to join a religious cult led by the sadistic Jonas (Ivan Rassimov).  Sheila hires badass Mark Butler (Robert Kerman) to help her travel into the deadly jungle to save her sister (for a mere 80 thousand dollars!).   After arriving at their destination, they are soon captured by Jonas and forced to join the cult.  Can they escape the commune through the Cannibal infested jungles or will they be....EATEN ALIVE?

Mangiati Vivi! is more of an incidental Cannibal film in the regard that the Cannibals are basically just a plot device and are not the main focus of the film.  Actually, the scenes of Cannibalism are mostly cut from previous Cannibal films (including Lenzi's Man from Deep River and Ruggero Deodato's far superior Last Cannibal World).  The characters are all pretty silly, including the Jim Jones-inspired cult leader who uses a dildo covered in snake's blood to defile one of the women.  Acting is pretty much non-existent too and the dubbing is noticeably bad.  One good aspect of the film is that the story is different and not just another "people stuck in the jungle running away from Cannibals" flick.  On the other hand, the films I've seen with that premise have all been superior, so maybe it's not so good.

RATING:  4/10

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Cannibal World (1977, Ruggero Deodato)

When discussing, Ruggero Deodato's first foray into Cannibal cinema, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (Last Cannibal World), comparisons to Cannibal Holocaust are inevitable.  Cannibal Holocaust is one of the most notorious films of all time for its brutal depictions of inhumane acts against humans and animals.  Last Cannibal World however is much less known and was an early entry in the Italian Cannibal craze started by Umberto Lenzi's Man from Deep River.  According to Deodato, Last Cannibal World paved the way for him to make Cannibal Holocaust which alone makes it an important film.

Ultimo Mondo Cannibale is the supposed true story of Robert Harper (Massimo Foschi), an oil prospector who travels deep into the jungles with his associate Rolf (Ivan Rassimov), pilot Charlie and Charlie's girlfriend Swan.  They land the plane to find that the colleagues they were supposed to meet are nowhere to be found.  Soon after, Swan disappears and Charlie is killed by a trap set up in the jungle.  Robert and Rolf find Swan being eaten by a cannibal tribe and get split up.  Robert is captured by the cannibals and soon realizes if he doesn't escape, he'll end up as lunch.  He seeks out one of the female tribe members to help him escape.

Last Cannibal World, known to many Americans as Jungle Holocaust (which is the title on Shriek Show's DVD, probably to cash in on Deodato's more famous cannibal epic), is an interesting film.  Though not as brutal as Cannibal Holocaust, it has its fair share of gross out and just plain weird scenes.  First of all, Foschi's character is naked through most of the film and when he is first captured and stripped by the natives, they poke and prod his uncircumcised weiner in wonderment.  In fact, most of the natives are naked throughout as well.  This film, like most cannibal films of the era, has several scenes of animals being slaughtered or animals killing other animals.  Never a fun thing to watch unless you are fucked in the head, the worst scene of which showed an alligator (or crocodile, I can never get them straight) being cut open while still alive.  They are even nice enough to show its heart beating from the inside.  According to Foschi and Deodato, all of the animal scenes were filmed by the producers after principal photography was completed.  Considering the number of scenes in the film that have animals being killed is so high, this claim is suspicious.  Overall though the story and the remaining scenes were actually quite watchable and entertaining.  Foschi's character trying to find a way out of this mess without becoming cannibal chow is definitely the highlight of the film and his slow deterioration into savagery was well done.  It was a solid film that had its flaws but was still entertaining.

RATING:  6/10

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Waxwork (1988, Anthony Hickox)

Waxwork is another one of those 80s horror movies that I must have seen hundreds of times on the video store shelf as a kid.  I wasn't much into horror movies as a kid and my mother wouldn't let me watch R rated movies anyway so I never really had much interest in it.  Actually it wasn't until I recently read an article about the film in an old issue of Fangoria that made me really want to watch the film, detailing many of the gory FX in the film and the modern spin it put on many of the classic Universal Monsters.

Mark (Zach "Gremlins" Galligan) is a wealthy college student who doesn't care about school and makes his maid do his school work.  He had a rocky relationship with China (Michelle Johnson), a promiscuous girl who complains that she didn't get enough action from Mark.  China and her friend Sarah (Deborah "Valley Girl" Foreman) get an invite from a mysterious man to visit his wax museum.  They drag Mark and their friend Tony (Dana Ashbrook) along and while inside, China and Tony get sucked into a parallel world created by the wax scenes, which each involve different characters from horror stories.  Mark and Sarah must find out where their friends went and unravel the secret to the wax museum.

Waxwork definitely excels in the one department that I was hoping for: FX.  Blood sprays, people are ripped in half vertically (something we don't see enough in horror films) and several of our favorite monsters all appear.  The cast was great, including Galligan, the lovely Foreman (also from April Fool's Day) and David Warner (The Omen, Straw Dogs).  The "relationship" that Foreman's character develops between her and Mark as well as another famous historical figure was a nice touch too.  I thought the story could have used some polishing, there was too much "going in, coming out and going back in" the museum, but the scenes in the museum were mostly really entertaining, but a few dragged on a little long.  Lastly, there was also an interesting approach to the film, making parts of it feel like an old black and white noir instead of just your standard copycat 80s horror film.

RATING:  7/10

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Pie Trilogy

I recently had the urge to watch American Pie, a film I've seen a few times before, the first of which was during its theatrical release in '99.  I had seen parts 2 and 3 before too, but only once and it was right after they were released on video.  From what I remembered, the first two American Pies were hilarious and the third was spotty.  Actually I remember when I saw the first one in the theater wishing that it had come out a year before when I was still in High School.

American Pie is the story of four high school seniors who make a pact to lose their virginity before they graduate.  First is Jim (Jason Biggs) who has a huge crush on Russian exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) but ends up asking band geek Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) to the prom.  Then there's Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) who can't seem to get past third base with his girlfriend Vicky (Tara Reid).  Next is intellectual Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) who spreads rumors about himself to try to get a date to the prom.  Last is Oz (Chris Klein) who falls for Heather (Mena Suvari), a nerdy choir girl.  In American Pie 2, we follow the four friends on summer vacation after their freshman year of college.  They decide to rent a lake house and end the summer with a legendary party.  Only problem is that they have to bring along Stifler (Seann William Scott), the crude womanizer who may actually be the only one to help them with their girl troubles.  American Wedding focuses on Jim and Michelle who are now engaged.  Stifler hears about the wedding that he wasn't invited to and weasels his way in so he can plan the bachelor party.  Rivals Stifler and Finch then each try to win over Michelle's sister Cadence (January Jones).

After revisiting these films, my opinions haven't changed much.  American Pie is definitely the victor, and its immature jokes about sex, diarrhea and other such vulgar subjects still make me laugh.  American Pie 2, though not as good as the first still has enough of what made the first so great to be successful.  American Wedding still didn't do much for me.  Other than a few funny scenes, the film fell a little flat.  Stifler, who in the third installment has become a tired joke, at the same time is the only real saving grace in the film.  His rivalry with Finch makes for the most entertaining parts.  Overall a classic series of films that starts off excellent but turns out only okay.  Let's hope that the supposed part 4 (directed by the Harold and Kumar guys) happens and lives up to the originals.


AMERICAN PIE:               9/10
AMERICAN PIE 2:            7/10

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cat's Eye (1985, Lewis Teague)

Stephen King, the master of literary horror, has so many movies based on his works that it's hard to keep track.  Everyone knows the big ones like The Shining, Pet Sematary, Carrie, Salem's Lot, Children of the Corn, etc, etc etc.  Then there are the films that don't fit into the horror genre (The Green Mile, Hearts in Atlantis) and made for TV films (many of which King himself wrote the teleplays for).  One of my favorite films based on King's work (and one of my favorite films of all time) is Creepshow, the brilliant horror anthology directed by George A. Romero.  Cat's Eye is another horror anthology written by Stephen King and directed by Lewis (Cujo) Teague.  My wife told me about this film before and how it used to scare her as a kid.  I thought I'd give it a shot.

Cat's Eye is a collection of three stories written by Stephen King.  The first story stars James Woods as a businessman who decides to quit smoking.  He goes to Quitters, Inc. and soon finds himself trapped in a wicked game where if he is caught smoking, his loved ones will pay the price.  The second story revolves around a man (Robert Hays) who has an affair with the wife of crime boss (Kenneth McMillan) who loves to gamble.  The adulterer is forced to gamble with his life by walking the entire perimeter of a skyscraper's ledge.  The final story stars Drew Barrymore as Amanda, a little girl who finds a stray cat and names him General.  The cat is not the only new resident in the house though.  A mean troll also finds his way in and it is up to General to protect Amanda.  Unfortunately, Amanda's mother blames General for the havoc caused by the Troll and throws him out of the house, leaving Amanda vulnerable to the Troll's mayhem. 

Cat's Eye was a decent film with some very good performances, with Woods and Barrymore being the most memorable.  The second story (The Ledge) was the least interesting of the three but the other two were very good.  Though not a very gory or particularly violent film (it's rated PG-13), it has it's fair share of typical King horrific situations.  From what I've read (and as my wife will attest), this seems to be one of those films from the 80s that a lot of kids remember being scared by from their childhood.  I never had the chance to see it back then but I enjoyed watching it now.  I wouldn't rank it up there with King's best but it's still a fun way to waste 90 minutes.

RATING:  6/10

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birdemic: Shock and Terror - to premiere in North American theaters!

Here comes a promising film, being brought to you by the great Severin Films.  After much demand, it will have a limited release which should be a lot of fun.  Read more below:


Come See What the New York Times Calls “A High Flying Cult Hit!” and What ABC News with Diane Sawyer Calls “A Cult Cinema Sensation!”
NEW YORK, NY, April 13, 2010 – On the heels of sold-out screenings in Los Angeles, New York City and Austin, Severin Films ( today announced the highly-anticipated, North American tour of cult sensation, BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR (  A video announcement can be viewed at The film, which BBC says is "rapidly gaining cult hit status,” will screen at each of the following cities: Austin; Boston; Chicago; Cleveland; Dallas; Denver; Detroit; Houston; Los Angeles; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; Nashville; New Haven; New York City; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Portland; Richmond; San Francisco; Seattle, Toronto and Washington, DC. A schedule, including times, locations and ticket information can be accessed at and at the bottom of this press release. A trailer for BIRDEMIC can be viewed at Press can RSVP by emailing
“Severin Films has received countless emails and phone calls from fans across the continent, demanding that ‘BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR’ be brought to their town,” said Carl Daft, CEO and co-founder of Severin Films. “We are very happy to announce that the greatest avian-based romantic thriller since THE BIRDS will be making its proper debut in theaters throughout North America. Our only concern is…who will survive?”
BIRDEMIC, described by Nguyen as “a romantic thriller,” is a horror/action/special-effects-driven love story about a young couple trapped in a small Northern California town under siege by homicidal birds. BIRDEMIC also tackles topical issues of global warming, avian flu, world peace, organic living, sexual promiscuity and lavatory access.
Nguyen, a 42-year-old Vietnamese refugee, wrote, cast and shot the film over the course of four years using salary from his day job as a mid-level software salesman in Silicon Valley. The film pays homage to Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS via location shooting in Mission Bay, California, as well as an appearance by star of THE BIRDS Tippi Hedren ( When rejected for an official screening slot at Sundance, Nguyen spent eight days driving up and down the festival’s nearby streets in a van covered with fake birds, frozen blood and BIRDEMIC posters, while loudspeakers blared the sounds of eagle attacks and human screams. The tactic caught the attention of festival organizers, filmgoers and local police, as well as executives from Severin Films. Severin’s executives walked into a screening, took one look at Nguyen’s masterwork, and immediately locked up BIRDEMIC’s worldwide rights for the next twenty years. Discussions are currently underway for Severin to add an additional thirty years to the initial agreement.
Fans can connect with BIRDEMIC on Facebook (, Twitter ( and the Web (
Upcoming Screenings:
Upcoming Screenings:
·      April 16th -- LOS ANGELES, CA -- Cinefamily @ The Silent Movie Theater 
·      April 16th & 17th -- WASHINGTON, DC -- E Street Theater
·      April 23rd -- PORTLAND, OR -- The Bridgetown Comedy Festival @ The Baghdad
·      April 23rd & 24th -- DENVER, CO -- Esquire Theater (Director James Nguyen in person 4/24!)
·      April 23rd-25th, 28th -- DETROIT, MI -- The Burton Theater 
·      April 23rd & 24th -- RICHMOND, VA -- Bowtie Cinemas 
·      April 30th & May 1st -- SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The Roxie Theater (Official Bay Area Premiere) *James Nguyen and Cast of BIRDEMIC in Attendance*
·      April 30th-May 6th -- PORTLAND, OR -- The Clinton Street Theater
·      May 7th & 8th -- NEW HAVEN, CT -- Bowties Cinemas @ The Criterion
·      May 8th -- PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Ritz East Theater 
·      May 14th & 15th -- NASHVILLE, TN -- The Belcourt Theater 
·      May 15th -- MILWAUKEE, WI -- The Oriental Theater 
·      May 19th -- AUSTIN, TX -- Alamo Drafthouse Ritz 
·      May 20th – TORONTO, ON – The Bloor Cinema (Presented by Rue Morgue)
·      May 21st & 22nd -- MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- The Uptown Theater 
·      May 21st & 22nd -- HOUSTON, TX -- River Oaks Theater 
·      May 21st & 22nd -- COLUMBUS, OH -- -- The Drexel Theater (Midnight screenings!)
·      June 4th & 5th --- DALLAS, TX -- The Inwood Theater 
·      June 4th - 6th  -- BOSTON, MA -- The Brattle Theatre
·      June 11th  & 12th  -- CLEVELAND, OH -- The Cleveland Cinematheque 
·      June 15th, 18th & 20th -- ATLANTA, GA -- The Plaza Theater 
·      June 16th  -- AUSTIN, TX -- Alamo Drafthouse Ritz 
·      June 18th & 19th -- CHICAGO, IL -- The Music Box Theater – *James Nguyen in Attendance* (Presented by
·      June 25th & 26th -- SEATTLE, WA -- The Egyptian Theater 
About Severin Films
Severin Films was formed in May 2006 with offices in Los Angeles and London. Hailed as “cheerfully perverse folks” by the New York Times, the label is dedicated to restoring and releasing the most provocative and controversial features from around the world for DVD and Blu-ray. Their previous successes include Enzo Castellari’s original action classic THE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS; Richard Stanley’s HARDWARE; THE SINFUL DWARF; lifetime Goya Award winner Jess Franco’s MACUMBA SEXUAL and BLOODY MOON; Walerian Borowczyk’s IMMORAL WOMEN; the unrated Director’s Cut of GWENDOLINE starring Tawny Kitaen; and Oscar® nominee Patrice Leconte’s international hits THE HAIRDRESSER’S HUSBAND and THE PERFUME OF YVONNE.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mother's Day (1980, Charles Kaufman)

Mother's Day is a well loved low budget cult horror film frequently lumped into the slasher genre.  More of a backwoods, nutty horror film than a slasher, whatever you call it it's still an influential film and one of the first of its kind.  Unsurprisingly there is also a remake on the horizon which is being directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw 2-4) and starring Rebecca De Mornay.  Impressive (or is it?) for a little underground horror film.

Mother's Day is the story of three women who went to college together and vow to get together for a secret getaway once every year, no matter what.  This year, one of the gals picks to go camping in the middle of nowhere.  Unfortunately though, there is a house right near their campsite where two demented brothers and their psychotic mother live.  The boys try to "impress" their mother by kidnapping the girls.

Mother's Day is a fun horror film that balances humor and sadism surprisingly well.  The performances of the murderous family are done with so much energy and realism that you actually buy into the over the top silliness.  The story is actually well thought out with more focus on creepiness than just random slashing.  The angle with the old college roommates who have their own personal problems being thrown into this terrifying situation is original and refreshing. 

RATING: 7/10

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cut-Throats Nine (1972, Joaquin Louis Romero Marchent)

I like Spaghetti Westerns but my one gripe is when they get too talky.  Fortunately the Italians were, for the most part, good with keeping the talking to a minimum and the action frequent.  Cutthroats 9 is no exception, despite the fact this is actually a Spanish production, not Italian.  Hailed as the goriest SW of all time, this film is supposedly being remade and will star Harvey Keitel.  Now that I must see!  I had first heard of this film in a list of goriest scenes from non-horror films, which instantly made me want to see it.

Cutthroats 9 is the story of a chain gang being transported to a prison by stagecoach.  A group of bandits find out that there is gold hidden on board and take over the stagecoach.  The prisoners are set free but are still bound by the chains around their ankles.  An army sergeant and his daughter take control of the prisoners and continue onward to their original destination.  They must travel through the snowy terrain on foot while the group of rapists and murderers try to find a way to escape.

Cutthroats 9 definitely lives up to its reputation as the goriest Spaghetti Western (or should I say Euro Western) of all time.  Burnt bodies, disembowelments, gunshots to the's all here and then some.  Even Fulci's Westerns weren't as violent as this (though Four of the Apocalypse is not too far behind).  There is more to this film than the red stuff.  I really enjoyed the story and the bleak characters.  As the movie progresses you realize that none of the characters are really worth rooting for, which makes for an interesting watch.  The setting too is very different than most westerns and immediately made me think of one of my other favorite SWs, The Great Silence.  This isn't a deeply profound film, just a bloody good time, Paisanos!  Oops, I mean ¡Amigos!

RATING:  8/10

Monday, April 5, 2010

Zombi 3 (1988, Lucio Fulci/Bruno Mattei)

Anyone who has seen Lucio Fulci's Zombie (aka Zombi 2), knows that it is a classic and one of the greatest Zombie films ever made.  If you don't agree with me then you suck.  I had heard many things about the sequels, mostly negative so I was unsure if I wanted to check them out.  The more reviews I read though, I started seeing conflicting opinions on Zombi 3.  Zombi 4 and 5 are pretty much universally loathed, while Zombi 3 has been called "so bad it's good" and has gained somewhat of a cult following.  So I decided to take a chance on it.

Zombi 3 begins with a group of scientists testing out a chemical ominously called 'Death One'.  It is supposed to bring the dead back to life and soon we see that it does work but it turns the dead into rotten, blood-thirsty zombies.  When a terrorist tries to steal the potion, he is exposed to it and becomes a zombie.  The army burns his body to avoid any traces of Death One but by doing so, the air becomes polluted with that which raises the dead.  A group of army soldiers and another group of vacationers are the only hope for survival.

Zombi 3 is not a good movie.  In fact its a very bad movie.  That's not to say it's a complete waste.  There are some really great, nasty makeup FX and some really gross looking zombies.  Another thing about the zombies is that they're not your average slow moving zombies.  There is one scene in particular where young vacationer Patricia (Beatrice Ring) is being chased and attacked by a flesh eater and I'll be dipped in shit if this wasn't one of the fastest moving and threatening zombie ever filmed.  You actually feel for the actress who looks like one stumble and she may get really injured by the zombie.  As far as the bad goes - the dialogue takes the cake.  Horrible dubbing is present and sometimes you'd prefer hearing the actors speak in a foreign language then the trite English dialogue being dubbed.  The acting too is pretty awful (it's sad when the zombies - mostly played by stunt men or extras - show more emotion and acting skill then the real actors - if you can call them that).  Lastly is the story.  Some scenes are laugh out loud stupid and others are just ridiculous - flying zombie head anyone?  Actually, that scene was awesome.  Apparently director Lucio Fulci quit the film due to illness and was replaced by Bruno Mattei, infamous director of a lot of bad movies.  Since the film was unfinished, they had to find ways to link the existing footage.  Needless to say, the story is a mess and very chaotic.  Despite all of these factors, the film is still watchable and entertaining...for all the wrong reasons.

RATING:  5/10      


Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Quarter Review - 1/1/10 - 3/31/10

My how time flies.  We are already in the second quarter of 2010.  An interesting year so far and lots of odd films have been watched by yours truly.  Can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store, but until then let's reflect on the films I've watched so far this year.


Two Lane Blacktop

2000 Maniacs

Blood Freak

Anthropophagus - The Grim Reaper

Blue Sunshine

Pom Pom Girls

Beach Boys - Live at Knebworth
Here Come the Tigers


Swinging Cheerleaders

Manson Family

Foxy Brown

Saint Jack

Halloween 2 (2009)
House on Sorority Row

Night Creatures (aka Captain Clegg)
April Fool's Day (2008)

Be Kind Rewind (only half - shut it off because it sucked)

Quatermass and the Pit

Pit Stop (aka The Winner)

Big Bird Cage
Big Doll House

Switchblade Sisters
Spider Baby


Mondo Keyhole

The Arena
The Host (Jack Hill short film)

Amazon Women on the Moon
Escape 2000 (aka Turkey Shoot)

Day of the Cobra
Women in Cages

Jackie Brown

The Mack


Black Mama, White Mama

Across 110th Street

Cotton Comes to Harlem

Truck Turner


Live and Let Die

The Harder they Come

Wolfman (1941)


Scream, Blacula, Scream

That Man Bolt
Sweet Sweetback's Baaaadasss Song

Black Dynamite

The Tooth Fairy (2010)


Goodbye Uncle Tom

Cornbread, Earl and Me

Cooley High


The Monkey Hu$tle

Boss Nigger

Friday Foster

Original Gangstas

The Crow

The Crow: City of Angels
Bitch Slap

The Crow: Salvation

The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Up in the Air

House of the Devil

Castle Freak

The Hidden

Pit and the Pendulum (Stuart Gordon)
Midnight Meat Train


Scream (1981)

Scream (1981) - this time with director's commentary

Curse of the Devil

Horror Rises from the Tomb

The Quiet Earth

Devil's Rain


The Haunting (1963)

Don't Look Now

Maximum Overdrive