Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why do people keep dying?

This is a fairly unconventional post from your pal Starmummy.  More of a diary entry, though most of my movie reviews are like diary entries too.  Anyway, I was thinking a few hours ago at work how it seems like a lot of people keep dying.  I know millions of people die every day (actually I have no idea how many people die everyday, I'm just guessing) but it seems like people who I know or who have had some sort of impact in my life have been dying at a rapid pace recently.  First I found out someone I knew from a long time ago died that was sad.  Then Boner from Growing Pains, who I enjoyed watching as a kid (and saying the word Boner without getting in trouble).  Then Corey Haim.  Then I went into my local supermarket today and found out that the guy that has worked behind the customer service desk since forever died.  I thought the guy was really annoying but I didn't want him to die!  I thought I'd just write up a simple blog post stating all of this.

And then I found out that Alex Chilton, my all time favorite singer/songwriter/musician just died.  For those of you who aren't familiar with him, Chilton started as a singer for the Box Tops, who had their first number one single in 1967 with The Letter (Chilton was still a teenager).  A few years later, he quit the Box Tops and started up my favorite band of all time, Big Star.  After Big Star, Chilton laid low for awhile and then started up a solo career and had been performing with a reformed Big Star and Box Tops up until the present.  In fact, Chilton was supposed to play this weekend at the South by Southwest festival.  One of my life goals was to see Chilton live, which will obviously go unfulfilled. 

Anyway, I just wanted to send this message out to the world and say "C'mon people, stop fuckin' dying".

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