Saturday, November 21, 2009

Maniac Cop 2 (1990, William Lustig)

I've heard a lot about Maniac Cop 2 over the years. One of the things that I had heard was that it was better than the original, something almost unheard of when you're talking about sequels. Though not an easy movie to find, I was finally able to watch Maniac Cop 2 on Netflix streaming, a very nice resource. So is it better than the first?

Maniac Cop 2 brings Matt Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) back from the grave (though the end of the first showed he wasn't really dead). This time, the maniac cop is like an inhuman killing machine, helping out bad guys and killing cops. After disposing of Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell) from the first film, Cordell befriends a serial killer named Turkell who is living underground. When Turkell is captured by the police, Cordell breaks him out and then they head to Sing Sing for a jailbreak. On their trail is Det. Sean McKinney (Robert Davi), who may have the key to stopping the maniac cop.

Maniac Cop 2 is a very impressive sequel. Technically it is probably a better film than the first, but there are things about the first that are missing here (mainly Tom Atkins). Instead what we have here is an excellent action flick with lots of great stunt work and a police station shootout that rivals The Terminator. The acting here is great and the story comes together nicely.


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  1. Agreed! MANIAC COP 2 is sweeeet... I've liked this one for a LONG time. Just received my copy of MANIAC COP 3 in the mail from Amazon the other day, too. 'Bout to check that one out tnite, methinks.