Thursday, November 26, 2009

Introducing - The ASP BAN VENT Rating System!

I have decided to revamp my rating system, after much deliberation. I felt restricted by the option of only 5 possible ratings. I devised a new ratings system called The ASP BAN VENT rating system. Basically this highly complex system involves lots of algebraic equations, geometrical angles, dodecahedrons, smegma and a merkin or two. So in laymen's terms, it's just a scale of 1-10 instead of 1-5. Very complicated, I know. But I have given each number a describer. Here is a breakdown of the list:

1 - Air Biscuit
2 - Sucked
3 - Pretty Bad
4 - Below Average
5 - Average
6 - Not Terrible
7 - Very Good
8 - Excellent
9 - Near Perfect
10 - The Shit

PS - if you're wondering where the name ASP BAN VENT came from, it's an acronym and it should be pretty easy to figure out if you study my describer chart.


  1. Took all of 3 seconds once I got to the descriptions, still, it will be lost to many lol..

    Very glad you went up to 10, I find it to be a much easier system, however I have never been able to rate films with a 5 being average. I have always had to create a curve based on the college average in order to accurately rate films in my mind. For my ratings, a film has to not only be bad, but effortless or thoughtless in order to rightfully deserve an F. For anything less than 5, you really, really had to go out of your way to not study for the final exam.

    Happy Turkey Genocide B!

  2. Happy to see you included the kids in the process!

  3. six string - There is a resemblance, isn't there?