Monday, October 12, 2009

REC (2007, Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza)

I believe I heard about the Spanish horror film REC through it's American remake Quarantine (which I haven't seen). From what I've heard the two films are very similar, but it's pretty unanimous that REC is superior. I was given a copy of REC awhile ago but never got around to watching it. It wasn't until my friend, who watched the film at home by himself, told me that the end was so scary that it made him scream "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?" Little things like that are huge catalysts to make me watch a film asap. So was the film that scary?

REC follows a news reporter Angela (Manuela Velasco) and her cameraman who are doing a news story about the local firemen to see what their day to day work is like. After receiving a call that an old woman is stuck in her apartment building, they go to the apartment building and find a horrific sight. The woman is crazed and tries to attack but she is killed. As they try to leave, they are told by the authorities that the building is being quarantined and no one can leave. Panic ensues and soon we find that something hellish is going inside the apartment building beyond any one's wildest imagination.

Do you remember that episode of "Friends" where Joey is reading The Shining and it is so scary he has to put the book in the freezer? That was exactly how I felt about REC. I didn't actually do it though because the disc was from my local REDBOX and I didn't want to chance breaking it, but it was tempting. Watching REC was a truly horrifying, exciting and wonderful experience. I would consider REC one of the scariest movies I have ever seen where not only do you jump out of your seat several times, but some of the visions in this film will stay in your head and haunt you for a long time. The way the movie was filmed really worked well. Everything about it felt real and as if it was really happening. The makeup effects were very well done as was the acting. I watched the film in Spanish with English subtitles, staying away from the English dub and it was very easy to follow. I highly recommend this film for those Horror fans like myself that are always looking for a film to really scare the crap out of you. REC passes that test with flying colors.

(p.s. What the hell are flying colors? What a weird saying.)



  1. I loved [rec]. Definitely superior to other "found footage" movies like Paranormal Activity or Cloverfield (though neither are bad movies).

  2. I've seen "Quarantine" and outside of maybe a scene or two it was completely painful... it stars the girl that plays Dexter's sister on the HBO show "Dexter"... and if you've seen that show you know she's not necessarily a strong actress (although, I like her in that role and hated her in "Quarantine"...and I saw "Quarantine" before I saw a single episode of "Dexter", which I love). Anyway, I'll have to do some digging for "REC" because I thought the idea of "Quarantine" was interesting just not executed very well.

  3. I did like this movie a lot. I thought that it fell apart a little bit in the third act though.

    Not to spoil anything, but the ending 'explanation' did nothing for me, although the way they shot it was quite good.

    If they could have everyone act like real people the whole time, it would be a near-perfect film for me.

  4. I saw Quarantine and was bored to death by it. Found it too predictable.

    But everyone raves about REC, I dont know if I should trust the hype, but your review is yet another one that calls it horrifying. Im tempted to rent the damn thing now.

  5. I was looking long time for a film which gives me the feeling of fear. I was sure that I had found the film with REC. But unfortunately it didn´t work at all...too predictable...

    p.s. You got a nice site here...and if you in the mood to review some good trash movies what about: "surf nazis must die" and "slie city"?? I just love both movies