Monday, October 5, 2009

Exorcism (1975, Juan Bosch)

Here begins my Exorcist ripoff reviews. Why not just watch the Exorcist, one of the scariest (and best) horror films ever made? Well, maybe I will soon, but for now you're stuck with what I give you. In case you didn't know, after the Exorcist was released in 1973 a flurry of ripoffs came fast and furiously to cash in on the green puke and potty mouth of the original. In Spain, Paul Naschy's stab at an exorcism tale was greenlit after the success of The Exorcist. Apparently Naschy had already come up with the idea years before. Whether that's true, who knows as there are definitely several similar scenes in the two films.

Exorcism is the story of a priest (Paul Naschy) who is summoned by a family to help their daughter Leila (Grace Mills) who is possessed by the spirit of her father during some hippie black mass ceremony.

Wow, one sentence...and I nailed it. That really is all that needs to be said about this film. I could add that the first hour and fifteen minutes are boring and crappy and nothing happens. Only the last fifteen minutes does anything happen and that anything is the expected possession/exorcism. This is the first Naschy film I've seen and I've heard his werewolf movies are the ones to watch and he was pretty likable here. Not enough though to make the film good. It was watchable but just very mediocre and slow.



  1. Agreed, I couldnt get into this one, the end was ok.. I guess.. but overall it was a little barfy..

  2. Should I post the link to my review of this film? I mean, I don't think anyone was actually reading my page when I did it- along with 'Abby' and 'Seytan.' I shall:

    I do agree with your review. It had all of the boring parts, but not the interesting conclusion. Naschy is good, but not enough to save that.