Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987, Sam Raimi)

October is here and what better film to start the best month of the year than Evil Dead 2? As I mentioned in my review of The Evil Dead, there is a lot of contrary beliefs on which film is better. Many people think the over the top comedic gore of part 2 is far superior to the original's more straight forward gory horror scares. The first time I watched Evil Dead 2, it was actually before I saw the first Evil Dead because I had heard it was better than the first.

The start of Evil Dead 2 is a re-cap of the events in Evil Dead, however some of the details have been changed. Well, mainly the fact that it is just Ash (Bruce Campbell) and Annie are alone at the old house in the woods. Annie becomes possessed by the Book of the Dead, as does Ash's hand. A search and rescue team also show up at the house to find out what happened to the archaeologist and his wife who originally discovered the Book of the Dead. Needless to say, the evil spirits have already been unleashed and it is up to Ash to protect them against this unknown force.

Evil Dead 2 is first and foremost, a fun film. It is gory, but is also hysterically funny. Bruce Campbell really hits one out of the park in his role as Ash. There is a lot more physical humor than the first and it is obvious that Campbell and director Raimi are huge Three Stooges fans. As I mentioned in my review of The Evil Dead, I think Evil Dead 2 is the lesser of the two films. I prefer the over the top, nonstop gore and scares of the first to the more comedic second installment. Still, I'd recommend part 2 for any horror fan, though I doubt many haven't already seen it.


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