Friday, October 2, 2009

Army of Darkness (1992, Sam Raimi)

Continuing on with my review of the Evil Dead series, we have the (so far) final film, Army of Darkness. This film came to my attention well before I had even heard of Evil Dead. I remember when this film came out and my sister went to see it in the theater. I was too young but she told me how good it was and I was super jealous. The funny thing is that it took many years before I did end up seeing it, many years after seeing its two predecessors.

Army of Darkness begins as Evil Dead 2 ends...


...with our hero Ash (Bruce Campbell) going through a time warp opened up by the Book of the Dead. He (and his car) ends up in the year 1300 AD and must find his way back. Ash soon finds out that the only way back is to again retrieve the book. He goes on a journey to find the book and accidentally wakes an army of the dead, led by an evil version of Ash himself.

Army of Darkness leans further away from the horror of The Evil Dead and closer towards the humor of Evil Dead 2. To say it's even a horror film is a stretch. It's more of a Fantasy Horror Adventure Comedy. Whatever it is, it's a fun movie. Bruce Campbell is absolutely a joy to watch and the rest of the cast are all believable as a townspeople from the 14th century. Though horror fans may be a little disappointed expecting more of the same from the first two, Army of Darkness has enough gore and terrifying creatures to please. Overall, I would highly recommend grabbing this series if you don't already own it.


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