Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Halloween 2 (2009, Rob Zombie)

So this past Monday night I went to see Halloween 2. I didn't know what to expect and I didn't really care. It's a fucking Halloween movie and I'm seein' it! I've seen every Halloween film in the theater since part 6 (except the dreadful Halloween Resurrection) so I didn't want to miss this one. The reviews have been pretty negative but I had purposely not read much about it to avoid spoilage. I did enjoy Rob Zombie's remake of the first film (I actually just finished watching it for the 3rd time and am thinking my 3/5 review should be changed to a 4/5) and was hopeful that the sequel had some redeeming qualities.

Halloween 2 takes place right after the previous film, the survivors of which are in the hospital being stitched up (with Wayne Toth's gruesomely realistic makeup effects). Michael quickly comes back from the dead to kill them (in a scenario similar to the original Halloween 2). This all ends up being a nightmare from the mind of Laurie Strode, who one year later, is suffering from major post traumatic stress disorder. Soon we find out that Michael actually is still alive and as Halloween approaches, he sees visions of his dead mother (Sheri Moon Zombie) and himself as a child (not Daeg Faerch) prompting him to go back home to Haddonfield and kill his sister.

Despite the constant criticism I keep hearing about this film, I actually liked it a lot. I liked how Rob Zombie did whatever he wanted with it. Though the first Halloween film was definitely a Rob Zombie film, he still kept a lot of things from the original (music, characters and pretty much the whole last half). I thought everything pretty much worked. One thing I really liked about it was that it felt like a good old horror sequel. I remember seeing Halloween 6 in the theater and feeling the same way. Every horror movie coming out nowadays is just another reboot (God I'm sick of that word). I never thought I'd be saying this but it's actually refreshing to just see an ordinary sequel for once. Yes of course this is a sequel to a reboot but if it was tweaked a little, it could have been a sequel to the original series. I thought all of the acting, characters, music and cinematography were well done. The reappearance of Deborah Myers was strange but I think it was handled well and I was impressed with the way the scenes with her and Michael as a boy were filmed. I do wish Daeg Faerch came back (damn that kid is creepy) but I guess puberty is unkind to child actor's having to reprise roles.


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