Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Operation Kid Brother (1967, Alberto De Martino)

Not sure how many times before I've mentioned it, bu I LOVE James Bond. Ever since I was 9 years old, in the summer of 1990, I have been a huge fan. This film here is a spoof of the Bond series featuring original Bond star Sean Connery's brother Neil as well as many actors from the Bond series. I remember a local video store had a VHS copy of a Bond spoof and something is telling me it might have been this. I could be wrong though, considering the number of Bond spoofs from back in the 60s.

The story of this film is not too important (or interesting) but I'll try to sum it up. Neil Connery plays Dr. Connery, the younger brother of an unavailable notable secret agent so he is chosen to help save the world against THANATOS, an evil crime organization led by Beta (Adolfo Celi). Apparently he can read lips and shoot a bow an arrow, very important skills....if you're a deaf Indian.

That's as far as I'll go with the plot because it didn't really keep my attention and I'm sure I missed parts. Though some of the 60s Bond films themselves are a little silly and the plots are sometimes heavy handed, they had more than enough to keep your attention and even marvel at the ingenious characters, gadgets and visuals on display. Operation Kid Brother (aka OK Connery aka Operation Double 007) had very little of any of that. The only real pluses for the film was the cast, which I stated before was comprised of mostly actors from previous James Bond films (Bernard "M" Lee, Lois "Moneypenny" Maxwell, Adolfo "Largo" Celi, Anthony "Professor Dent" Dawson and Daniella "Tatiana Romanova" Bianchi) as well as seeing Sean's younger brother on screen, despite the fact that his voice was dubbed with an American actor. I read online that Neil said he had appendicitis when they were to dub his lines so someone else filled in. I say What the Fuck? The dude probably talks like a girl or Gilbert Gottfried or something and the producers were planning on dubbing him all along. Regardless, I wouldn't waste your time tracking this down unless you are a huge (and by huge I mean HUGE) Bond fan. Not that you'll be able to find a legitimate DVD of it anyway. Oh, this movie was even featured on MST3K, which pretty much sums up the quality of it.


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