Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Howling VI: The Freaks (1991, Hope Perello)

My Howling film festival is nearing the end. For awhile I actually thought that part VI was the final Howling film until I found out that there was a seventh film only released on VHS. The series took an upswing with parts IV and V so hopefully it won't dip back down into the pooper with the final two entries.

Howling VI: The Freaks follows a British drifter named Ian (Brendan Hughes) who stumbles into the rural mid-western town of Canton Bluff in search of day labor and a place to sleep. The local minister, who has lost his faith, offers up a bed and meals if Ian helps him rebuild the church. Ian accepts and then starts gettin' googly eyes from his the preacher's daughter Elizabeth (Michele Matheson) but refuses to get involved with her, despite his desires. We soon find out he's a werewolf (actually we sort of knew from the beginning but whatever) and is kidnapped and put on display by a traveling circus ringleader named R.B. Harker (Bruce Martyn Payne), whose mysterious past is somehow linked to Ian.

Not really your average Werewolf film but then again when you think about it, they have all been pretty out there plot-wise (at least the ones that have plots). This one actually wasn't that bad. The first half was pretty good and the werewolf effects were pretty well done. There were some annoying characters (the sheriff, the mayor and the she/he in the circus) but other than that all of the actors were competent, especially Brendan Hughes as Ian. You really felt bad for him, as silly as that sounds. The movie started running out of steam in the last half but the end fight between the Werewolf and Harker (who proves to be not quite human either) is pretty bitchin'. Overall a decent entry in the series.



  1. You may want to rethink watching HOWLING 7. It's a seriously horrible movie. You will definitely wear out the fast forward button on it. I think part two and three is even better than part 7.

  2. I love part 6, I thought the haunches on the werewolf were way ahead of their time for the makeup, Harkers vampire is entirely original, and I am a sucker for anything with a carnival. Im with Venom though, quit while youre ahead.. Its like that sign post in the cartoons where everything is foreboding and you are about to enter the dark forest of cruel fate. But you will be forever haunted if you dont watch it!

  3. You seriously won't be missing much. Just keep your finger on the fast forward button and you'll be fine. Besides, there's FAR MORE hillbilly line dancing than werewolf action anyways.