Sunday, June 7, 2009

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982, Nicholas Meyer)

Of course after enjoying Star Trek The Motion Picture so much, I had to watch part II. I have been hearing about certain scenes from this film for a long time (earworms being the one that came up the most) and knew it was time to finally see it. I remember in grade school kids talking about it and how gruesome it was for a Star Trek movie.

The Wrath of Khan follows the crew of the Enterprise reuniting again after a training exercise turns into a real mission to save the crew of another ship from the evil Khan. It is soon discovered that Khan not only wants to steal a powerful device called The Genesis which has the ability to create and destroy life, but also to avenge his exile 15 years ago by Kirk. Khan will stop at nothing to carry out his dastardly plans, no matter who he must kill to do so.

The Wrath of Khan is an excellent follow up to the first film and most people's favorite film of the series. Though I wouldn't say I necessarily liked it better than the first film, I did really enjoy it and thought it was a fun action packed adventure. There was lots of action, a great story, some nice bloody effects and creatures. I would say where the first film excelled as a science fiction film, The Wrath of Khan excelled as an action film. Overall a great follow up. Next up, The Search for Spock.....


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  1. Yeah be careful with "Search for Spock". It's like when you are up drinking really late at night and into the early morning, sleep a few hours, wake up still drunk but the buzz is not the same before you crashed.

    So Search for Spock is like a hangover from the Wrath of Kahn party. I'm not a Trekkie so there will be those who disagree, but I am just stating my opinion.