Sunday, May 31, 2009

Navy Seals (1990, Lewis Teague)

Yeah, I know. Navy Seals? I sought this film out as a young teenager after falling in love with The Terminator and wanting to see anything with Michael Biehn. I actually thought it was a great action film at the time (roughly age 13ish). I had yet to hear a bad thing about the film at the time. Then along came Kevin Smith and his "Ooh, Navy Seals!" joke in Clerks and the rest is history. I am convinced that it is that film alone that made people ridicule Navy Seals so much. After so many years I decided it was time to give it another chance.

Navy Seals follows a group of (you guessed it) Navy Seals, which is a special elite sect of the Navy who are experts on Sea Air and Land. Led by Lieutenant Curran (Michael Biehn), the group are sent on a mission to find some Americans held prisoner in the Middle East when they stumble upon some missiles that cause a major threat to United States. In an error in judgement, Curran leads his men out instead of destroying the missiles. It is then his responsibility to relocate the missiles and destroy them with his team, which includes smooth talking wiseass Hawkins (Charlie Sheen), medic Leary (Rick Rossovich) and sniper Dane (Bill Paxton), among others. Also helping locate the missiles is a half Middle Eastern/half American reporter (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer), who is caught in a love triangle with Curran and Hawkins.

After all these years I can safely say that Navy Seals is not a bad movie. There are some scenes that are a little silly (the Seals driving around on golf carts to Bon Jovi's cover of Thin Lizzy's The Boys are Back in Town sticks out). Overall though, it is an action packed movie that also throws in a little bit of drama and romance too. I think what I liked most about the film is the cast. The fact that it has three actors from The Terminator (Biehn, Rossovich and Paxton) obviously sways me a little, but Sheen and Whalley-Kilmer also deliver. Some of the predicaments seem a little far-fetched, but the action scenes are really exciting and the movie itself was pretty enjoyable. So in closing, FUCK KEVIN SMITH.



  1. One time, I was working at a video store and I actually saw a guy pick up Navy Seals, I was just hoping that he was going to say it, but it was not to be.

    Anyway, I never have actually given it a chance, but that is pretty enticing cast.

    Luckily enough, Navy Seals comes out on Blu-Ray tomorrow!

  2. Starmummy: After a bit of an absence, You are on quite the reviewing tear, aren't you? I was so glad (and suprised) to see this movie pop up on your blog. I saw it for much the same reasons you did, although I was (ahem) a bit older and living in NYC at the time. Terminator knocked me so out, I was snarfing up anything that might give me that Terminator jolt (nothing really did or has since, actually). I agree with you. A few parts don't age well, but still a solid actioner. -- Mykal