Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Sinful Dwarf (1973, Vidal Raski)

Dwarfsploitation? Is this really a genre of exploitation films? If it is, why do I have a feeling that this is the only film that fits in that category? I read a review of this film and I knew I was destined to see it.

The Sinful Dwarf (aka Dvaergen in its native Denmark) is the story of Olaf (Torben Bille), a dwarf who lives with his mother in her boarding house. They rent out rooms to pretty young women whom they kidnap, get them hooked on heroin and then use them as prostitutes in their white slave trade. Sounds interesting huh? A young couple Mary (Anne Sparrow) and Peter (Tony Eades) move in and Olaf kidnaps Mary to be his next money-making junkie hooker.

There is something about this film that is just wrong. Actually, everything about this film is just wrong. It's not the fact that Olaf is a dwarf, it's everything else. Olaf's mother frequently breaks into these long, vaudevillian songs with Olaf accompanying her on the piano, which are just completely random. Also there are plenty of (questionably simulated) sex scenes, many of which last way longer than a non-porno sex scene should. Lastly, the drug dealer, a white bearded man named Santa Claus who puts the drugs in teddy bears. It's just a fucked up movie. The only real redeeming quality of the film is the fact that it is just so unbelievably strange that you can't help but be mesmerized by it. Other than that though, its slow and just not very good.



  1. "It's just a fucked up movie."

    Interesting. How would you compare a film such as this to say Pink Flamingos? If the two could even be. Now that's a review I'd care to see ..

  2. It seems like a traffic accident or a sore tooth. I know I shouldn't watch it but i want to. I do thank you for watching it so we don't have to! Very brave!

  3. six string - Pink Flamingos was a classic piece of exploitation cinema that not only broke every rule in the book, but it was incredibly entertaining and funny. Sinful Dwarf wasn't really entertaining. It was almost painful to watch. I guess to the average film goer, they probably wouldn't find much of a difference between the two, but for me they were like night and day.

  4. Big Monster Cinema - You're not too far off. The only real reason to watch this movie is the sheer bizarreness of it. It wasn't really a fun movie to watch.