Friday, April 10, 2009

Sole Survivor (1983, Thom Eberhardt)

You may remember my reviews for a really great series of films called Final Destination. If not, they are basically about a group of characters who cheat death. Well apparently there was a film back in 1983 that had an eerily similar plot. Obviously some things were different but the idea of cheating death is pretty much the same.

In Sole Survivor, a woman named Denise Watson (Anita Skinner) is the only one to survive a horrible plane crash. After the incident, she is checked out by Dr. Richardson (Kurt Johnson), who tells her that many people in her situation often die soon after surviving a traumatic accident. She ignores the doctor and goes on with her life. She begins receiving calls from a psychic friend (Dionne Warwick...just kidding - it's actually Caren Larkey, who is also the film's co-producer) telling her that she is in danger. Soon, Denise starts seeing dead bodies coming for her. She continually escapes death as it seems that death has come for her. How long can she survive?

If you've read my Final Destination reviews you'll know that I thought they were great, clever and scary films. Whether they were inspired by Sole Survivor is questionable, but one thing is for sure that they are far superior. Sole Survivor is slow and the supposed scary scenes just aren't scary. The concept is really good but the film just doesn't really have anything else going for it. The characters aren't really likable, there isn't much action and the action is not in the least bit scary. The film wasn't bad, it just didn't have much to hold my attention. I'll stick with Final Destination, thank you.



  1. Interesting tie in to "Night of the Comet" (stupid and cheesy but I loved that film).

    ..I'd actually like to see this.

  2. Let me know when and I'll lend it to you.

    I still need to see Night of the Comet.