Sunday, April 19, 2009

Slaughter High (1986, Caroline Munro)

Here it is folks. One you've all been waiting for. Finally released on DVD for the first time in the US, Slaughter High. Gorehounds were all excited when we heard that this was finally coming to DVD. Originally it was expected to be released in its original theatrical cut but apparently while searching through the vaults, an uncut version was found. I actually saw this film back in high school around '96 or '97 and remember being a little disappointed by it. At the time I had just seen Maniac and The Last Horror Film, both starring Caroline Munro, which I really enjoyed and was hoping this film (which also starred Ms. Munro) would be just as good.

You all remember High School, right? The good times, the bad times, the pranks. Remember the time a bunch of jocks and preppy girls played a joke on Marty the school nerd and he ended up horribly disfigured and insane? No? Well that's what happened in this film. Five years after the incident, the ones responsible are invited to a high school reunion. Strange thing is though, their old school is abandoned and they are the only ones who showed up. Frankly, if this were to happen to me, I would get my ass out of there very quickly. We all know horror movies wouldn't happen if the victims were that smart, so they decide to break in and have their own party. Unsurprisingly, each of the preppy scumbags start dying gruesome deaths by an unseen killer. Is it Marty the nerd back to settle the score or does someone else out there want revenge?

Seeing this film again several years later, it is still not a masterpiece but it's not without its rewards. Caroline Munro (who you may also know from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me or Adam Ant's Goody Two Shoes video) is very easy on the eyes which makes her " schizophrenia accentia" (Starmummian for an accent that constantly changes dialects, in this case American to British) forgivable. Oh and apparently she was 36 when this film was made. What is this, Beverly Hills 90210? The acting is actually pretty good all around here. Harry Manfredini's music score is decent too, though I swear there were parts pulled straight from his Friday the 13th scores. The main thing that impressed me about this film though was the makeup effects. I am not sure which scenes had been cut from the old vhs copy I saw, but there were some particularly gory scenes that were a welcome addition to this otherwise mediocre film. Actually, I really liked the ending of this movie too - it almost saved it from the crapper.

P.S. In retrospect, this film shares more than a few similarities to the Jamie Lee Curtis slasher Terror Train.


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