Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Deep Red (1975, Dario Argento)

Another Dario Argento film, Mr. Starmummy? Aren't you sick of them yet? No, my good chap. In fact, I could hardly wait to toss this bad boy into ye olde player of dvds. Deep Red is probably tied with Suspiria as Argento's best loved film and I was really anxious to see how it held up to that film (review coming soon) and his other films.

Deep Red is a classic giallo film about a pianist, Marcus Daly (David Hemmings) who witnesses a murder and will stop at nothing to find out who the killer is. He is sure that there was a picture on the wall at the murder scene that disappeared shortly after the killing. He knows this must be the missing piece of the puzzle and goes searching for it. A series of murders soon begins, with Marcus in the middle. It seems that the killer wants to off him before he can figure out who is responsible.

Deep Red is overall an excellent film. I would say masterpiece but unfortunately the film lags a little in the middle. Most of the film is creepy, suspenseful and gory, with all of Argento's trademarks present (quirky characters, gruesome makeup effects and unconventional cinematography). Also present is a great score by Goblin, one of the best I have heard, replacing Ennio Morricone's more ethereal sounds with a more rock oriented sound. Definitely check out this film as it is a classic and well worth the time put into it.

I would suggest though that you watch it in Italian with English subtitles. The reason for this is because the English version has dialogue missing and it switches back and forth between English and Italian with subtitles. Very hard to follow in this manner.


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