Monday, February 16, 2009

Scream 2 (1997, Wes Craven)

Due to the success of Scream, a sequel was not only inevitable, but hungered for by a whole new generation of horror fans. Wes Craven was back again, as was writer Kevin Williamson and most of the survivors from the first film. The only question is could they pull off the success of the first, in terms of dollars and quality?

Sidney Prescott - now attending college, finds herself once again as the target of a killer. This time though, a film is being made about the killings in the first Scream, which seems to be inspiration for the new murderer. As with the first, there are several suspects - a new boyfriend, a mysterious classmate, as well as Sidney's father and Cotton Weary, the man she wrongfully accused of killing her mother.

Scream 2 proved to be a decent follow up to the first, providing lots of tense moments and gory kills. The opening scene, which takes place in a movie theater, was especially scary (even more so when you see it on the big screen, as I did when it first came out). It was definitely a step up from most of the other Scream ripoffs at the time but fell a little short of the original's creativeness.


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