Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rosemary's Baby (1968, Roman Polanski)

Rosemary's Baby is one of the most memorable movies I have ever seen. Not just because it in such a classic, but because it was the film that my wife and I watched on our first date. If that doesn't say a lot about a couple then I don't know what does.

Rosemary's Baby is the story of newlyweds Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and Guy (John Cassavetes) Woodhouse, who move into an apartment with a long history of terror and witchcraft. Rosemary gets pregnant and Guy's career as a struggling actor starts looking up, as if by some fluke. After a strange dream where Rosemary is part of satanic ritual, weird things start happening. Rosemary starts to think that she may be surrounded by a group of satanists and that her terrifying dream was real. Is she being paranoid or is Rosemary and her baby in real danger?

As I said before, Rosemary's Baby is a classic horror film like few others. There is some really creepy atmosphere and scary scenes. The cast is great as is Polanski's nerve-wracking direction. The first time I watched the film I was disappointed by the ending but after watching it a few times, I realized that it was perfect. Make sure you watch this one with your blanky.


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