Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971, Dario Argento)

For any of you Argento fans out there or fans of long lost horror films, you may have heard of Four Flies on Grey Velvet. I came across this film a few times on lists of "films that need to be released on dvd". This is Argento's third film and the third in his "animal trilogy" of giallo films (the first two being The Bird with the Crystal Plumage and Cat O' Nine Tails, respectively). The film is finally available and I couldn't pass up the chance to check it out.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet begins with Roberto Tobias (Michael Brandon), a drummer for a rock band. He confronts a man he notices has been following him and accidentally stabs the man to death. As this is happening, he sees that someone is photographing the whole incident. Soon, photos of the accidental killing start popping up for Roberto to see - leading him to believe he is being blackmailed. Soon, people in Roberto's life start ending up dead.

I must say, that this film was worth the wait, at least for me. I've only been waiting about a year for this to come out though. Not sure if I had been waiting 38 years for it to make it's North American debut on home video, but I don't think anything could live up to those expectations. I can say though that this film is fantastic. One of the best giallo films I have seen, in fact. The story grips you from the first scene and doesn't let go until the end. Argento proves himself as a master director here. Some of the shots he uses are like nothing I've ever seen before. The cast is good, there are some great characters thrown in to help ease the tension and the mystery is top notch. Some real tense scenes here. If you're looking for a perfect representation of a giallo film, I would definitely recommend this.


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