Thursday, February 19, 2009

Final Destination 3 (2006, James Wong)

Another 3 years, another Final Destination film. I was excited about this one too though I really thought this time they would have run out of ideas. I was intrigued by the ads I had seen showing something bad happening on a roller coaster.

A senior class trip to an amusement park seems like a perfect way to end the school year. Fun, friends and scary rides. But when one of the students (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has a vision that the roller coaster she is about to get on will fall apart, she and a few of the other kids get off. To their horror, the roller coaster does break and all of the other kids die. Wendy, the girl who had the vision, and the boyfriend of her best friend (who died on the ride) team up to try to save themselves and the other survivors when death starts knocking them off one by one.

Final Destination 3 is just a great movie. The roller coaster scene in the beginning of the film (like the plane crash and car crash in parts 1 and 2) is very exciting and terrifying. This film definitely has some of the best deaths of the series and the relationship between Wendy and Kevin is great. This one is actually as good if not better than the first.

By the way, a fourth Final Destination film is slated for release this August called Final Destination: Death Trip 3D. Can't wait!


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