Thursday, February 19, 2009

Final Destination (2000, James Wong)

Another teen horror movie from the "Dawson's Creek era" (including a cast member from Dawson's Creek). This one I remember seeing when it first came out on DVD. The story sounded intriguing and original, not just your typical killer hunting teens. This time the killer was death itself.

High School student Alex (Devon Sawa) is about to go on a trip to France with his French class. Before boarding, he falls asleep and dreams that the plane is going to blow up. When he wakes up all of the occurences leading up to the plane crash start happening. Alex, one of his teachers and some of the students get off the plane just in time to watch it explode. The survivors then start dying horrific accidental deaths. Are these accidents just a coincidence or has death come to claim the lives of those who cheated their fate?

Final Destination is a clever, fun and scary film filled with gory deaths and lots of surprises. The cast are all perfect and the set ups are well thought out. The thought of death itself being the one in charge of the deaths is really frightening and different.


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