Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three The Hard Way (1974, Jim Brown)

If you read my last review for One Down, Two to Go, you may be wondering why I would waste my time with another film with the same three lead actors (Jim Brown, Jim Kelly and Fred Williamson). Though there were a few similarities between these two films, there was one major difference: quality.

After Jimmy's (Jim Brown) woman is kidnapped and his friend is killed, he finds hi'self being hunted down by assassins. He seeks out two of his friends, the smooth Jagger (Fred Williamson) and Kung Fu-fightin' Mister Keyes (Jim Kelly) and they soon uncover a plot to rid the U.S. of Black folk by putting a chemical into the water that is harmless to Whitey.

The main ingredient that makes this film far superior to One Down, Two to Go is a plot...and a great one at that. Tainting the United States' water supply with a toxin that is only harmless to black people. Brilliant! Brown and Williamson are cooler than ever and Kelly kicks tons of ass (literally) as Mister "my momma named me Mister so I'd get respect" Keyes. There is tons of action and all the main ingredients to make up a classic blaxploitation film.


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