Sunday, December 21, 2008

Don't Open till Christmas (1984, Edmund Purdom)

I love Christmas. Always have and (hopefully) always will. Not everyone feels the same way about Christmas though. I'm sure you've heard of Seasonal Depression or even the expression "Bah Humbug". Well some folks take their hatred of the holiday season to the extreme - as seen in this here film.

Don't Open till Christmas is about a sad sack who hates Christmas. He hates it so much in fact that he feels the need to kill anyone he sees dressed up as Santa Claus. On his trail is Inspector Harris (played by director Edmund Purdom), who suspects the killer to be the money-hungry boyfriend of one of the victims' daughters. Also on the Santa Killer's trail is Sergeant Powell, who suspects Inspector Harris may be linked to the murders, thanks to a tip from a suspicious reporter. In the meantime, Santas are being burnt, speared and (in a cringe worthy scene) castrated. Oh the horror.

Don't Open till Christmas is a decent slasher that has enough surprises and Santa slayings to make it worthwhile. Some of the camerawork, sound and editing are a little jumpy and its definitely not the best Christmas horror film out there, but it's worth a watch if you're in the mood for some anti-holiday cheer.


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