Monday, December 22, 2008

Black Christmas (2006, Glen Morgan)

What happens when you try to remake one of the best horror films of all time? Shitsville? El sucko? Cacapoopoo? You'd think so, right? Well, it's not always true, especially in this case. I put off watching this in fear of the worst but was pleasantly surprised.

Like the original Black Christmas, this one centers around a sorority house right before Christmas break. They receive obscene phone calls and each start disappearing. Other than that, the film is very different. Instead of being oblivious to the killer living in the house, the girls are aware that the killer is there, they're just not sure who it is. Also, unlike the original, they are trapped in the house due to a snow storm and must fight just to survive.

Well slap my ass and call me Sally, a remake that doesn't suck. A cast made up of ex-Dawson's Creek and Party of Five stars would normally spell disaster, but they play the parts of annoying college kids perfectly. A new touch not seen in the original, which may put off or attract viewers, is gruesome violence and gore. Lots of eyeballs being pulled out and sharp objects through heads. There are plenty of scares throughout and tense scenes which make this film a surprising winner.


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