Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturn 3 (1980, Kirk Douglas)

Late 70's/Early 80's Sci-Fi has interested me since I was a wee lad. One of the first films I saw in the theater at four years old was The Last Starfighter. I was also a big fan of Star Wars and many other Sci-Fi films of the time. Saturn 3 I had never heard of until recently and though it would fit fine with those other films, this is definitely not a kid's film.

Sometime in the future, there are two lovers/researchers named Annie (Farraw Fawcett) and Adam (Kirk Douglas) who are the lone residents of a research station on one of Saturn's moons, Saturn 3. Their purpose is to find a way to make food for an overcrowded planet called Earth (you may have heard of it). They are visited by Benson (Harvey Keitel), a crazy pilot impersonating a different pilot that he killed before take off. He brings an experiment, a robot named Hector who has a real brain made of a fetus' brain tissue. Adam and Annie soon discover that Benson is crazy and that he and Hector are very dangerous. After being hooked up to Benson via a socket on his neck, Hector begins to target Benson as an enemy because he is a murderer, but not before attaining Benson's attraction to Annie. The older Adam has to figure out what he needs to do before becoming 'obsolete' while Annie needs to save herself from the dirty minds of Hector and Benson.

Saturn 3 is kind of cheesy, but in a good way. The production design is killer, the four characters are great and the story is full of plot twists. Keitel does a great job as the ultra creepy Benson, while Kirk Douglas and Farraw Fawcett (topless or in various skimpy space outfits) are both fun to watch, despite the fact unlikelyness of them being lovers. Hector is one of the scariest robots I can think of and the film almost reminds me of Alien, for some reason.


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