Sunday, November 23, 2008

Repo Man (1984, Alex Cox)

Repo Man. Another film that I saw a long time ago and didn't really like it. It really wasn't until I started listening to the soundtrack several years later that I decided to give it another chance. I mean, what movie with Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, Fear, Iggy Pop and Suicidal Tendencies (plus more) could be THAT bad?

Repo Man follows (a young) Emilio Estevez, who plays Otto, a teenage punk with no real plans for his future. His parents are hippies who give all their money to a televangelist, he works at a supermarket and his friends are all hoodlums. Until one day when he is duped into helping a repo man repossess a car, do things start to change. He becomes a full time repo man with his new partner Bud (Harry Dean Stanton) and soon learns that a car they are trying to repossess, which is worth $20,000, may have Aliens (or something far more deadly) in the trunk. Who will reach the car first? Bud and Otto, an opposing group of repo men or government special agents?

Seeing this film again was a wise decision. The first time I watched it as a teenager, I liked the first half but the second half was just too weird. Watching it now, I still love seeing Otto's character develop and seeing how he became a repo man. This time though, I really liked how the story unfolded. It was a little silly and a lot strange, but the whole conspiracy direction the film went was fun and entertaining. The actors were all fun to watch too, especially Estevez, Stanton and Cox regulars Sy Richardson and Dick Rude. I'll give another shout out to the soundtrack too, one of the best of all time (assuming you like punk).


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