Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Once (2006, John Carney)

Don't worry, you are still at the B Movies and Beyond blog. No, I have not gone completely batshit for writing about this movie. Occasionally you'll see me review films that are not typical "B movies". These would be the "Beyond". Anyway, I remember hearing about Once shortly after it came out and I instantly knew it was something I'd enjoy. Unfortunately, it took about two years to finally get to see it.

Once is the story of a musician/vacuum cleaner repairman who meets, what seems like, his perfect soul mate. She is a musician too and together they begin to collaborate and write songs together. In the meantime it is revealed that they both have other people in their lives that make it impossible for them to be more than just friends. As they become inseparable, they put a band together to record some songs in a studio before they go their separate ways. Will their feelings for each other get in the way on their last few days together?

Once is everything I was hoping it would be and then some. The fact the lead actors in the film are actually musicians and not actors is no small feat. They are so believable that you would swear they were professionals. The emotion portrayed in Once is rarely seen in any film. I'll admit that I got teary eyed during a few parts, not necessarily because of sadness. The film just moved me beyond words. Best of all though was the music, which was excellent and could not have accented the film better.


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