Monday, October 6, 2008

Terror Train (1980, Jamie Lee Curtis)

Another one of Jamie Lee Curtis' early horror films, Terror Train is another whodunit thriller, this time taking place on a boat.

Just fuckin' with you.

A bunch of college seniors organize a New Year's Eve masquerade party aboard a train. All is well until a killer sneaks on board and begins killing off the students. The killer slips through the train unnoticed by switching into each victim's costume. The killer is believed to be a former student who went loco after a cruel practical joke was played on him by some of the students on the train. But when it is discovered that the train's entertainment, David Copperfield (you may have heard of him), wasn't hired by the hosts, the killer's identity becomes even more mysterious.

Terror Train is a nifty little thriller with some good scares. Jamie Lee Curtis is great as usual and the rest of the cast exceeds expectations for a slasher film. The train's claustrophobic setting of the film really enhances the creepiness as well. The film could be trimmed by about 10 minutes, but overall it's a pretty effective thriller.


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