Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkinhead (1988, Stan Winston)

All of us have those movies that we have wanted to see but just never got around to it. For yours truly, one of those films is Pumpkinhead. I have always enjoyed Oscar winner Stan Winston's makeup effects and was curious how he would do in his directorial debut. Also, Lance Henriksen is always great too. So was Pumpinhead worth the wait?

Pumpkinhead is the story of Ed Harley and his young son Billy, who run a small grocery store in a rural town. One day a group of young city folk stop at the grocery store and, in a freak dirt bike accident, one of them kills young Billy. One of the friends stays with Billy while the rest go to the cabin to call for help. The one responsible for the accident gets scared that he will be arrested and takes the others captive. When Ed finds his son, he is so angered that he seeks the help of a witch in the woods. After performing a spooky ritual, she conjures up a hideous creature named Pumpkinhead to help Ed get revenge.

Pumpkinhead more than lives up to its legendary status. The creature in the film is both terrifying and realistic, one of the most iconic movie monsters of all time. Stan Winston proves he is more than capable of directing, providing a creepy atmosphere filled with lots of gothic hues of black, blue and white. I was impressed by how the director contrasted the dark scenes with light pouring in through the windows and branches. Richard Stone's musical score is also a highlight, complementing the film perfectly. I am happy that I finally watched this and can truthfully call it a classic.


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