Monday, October 20, 2008

Night of the Living Dead (1990, Tom Savini)

Uh oh, remake territory. Another of the greatest Horror films of all time being remade has been done so many time sin the last few years that...wait. What did you say? This remake came out almost 20 years ago? And it was made by George Romero and John Russo, the creators of the original? Hmm, let's reevaluate this.

I'm sure you're familiar with the story of Night of the Living Dead. Barbara and Johnny go to the cemetery to visit their dead mother. When they get there, they are attacked by a maniac. Suddenly more crazed people start attacking them. Barbara escapes to a nearby farmhouse, Johnny does not. Also taking refuge in the house are a young couple, an older married couple with a sick daughter and Ben (Tony Todd aka Candyman), a man who becomes their self appointed leader. They soon discover that these madmen are in fact the dead coming back to life. The group fight to stay alive against the zombies...and each other.

It's unfortunate that all the new remakes aren't as well done as Night of the Living Dead (a prime example being Night of the Living Dead 3D. Blech!). The filmmakers (especially Tom Savini, Makeup effects genius in his directorial debut) did a good job of adapting the original story but made enough changes to entertain the biggest fans of the original. The only real problem I had with the remake is that (like most remakes) it just wasn't entirely necessary and didn't improve on the original.


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