Monday, October 20, 2008

My Bloody Valentine (1981, George Mihalka)

Ah, 1981. The golden age of the slasher. After Halloween and Friday the 13th came a legion of slasher films, some good, some bad. We'll forget about the bad ones and talk about one of the great ones.

My Bloody Valentine, or as I like to call it "Look Oot, it's My Bloody Valentine, Ay" (the film is Canadian, get it?...I'll be here all week folks, try the fish) is the story of a small town called Valentine's Bluff. 20 years ago on Valentine's day, a bunch of miners got trapped in a mine shaft when their bosses decided to leave early to go to the town's Valentine's Day dance. Several weeks later one of the miners, named Harry Warden, is found in the mine shaft having survived by eating the other miners. Warden was institutionalized but legend has it that he escaped and killed some people the following Valentine's Day and vows to keep killing if the town ever celebrates Valentine's Day again. Flash to the present (well 1981 present) and the town decides to have a Valentine's Day dance again. Guess who comes back?

My Bloody Valentine is a classic slasher filled with twists, oodles of suspense and some really great kills (courtesy of Tom Burman). The killer, in his black mining outfit made for a great looking villain. This film never really received the praise it deserves and it is surprising that it was never followed up by a sequel.

(Keep an eye out for My Bloody Valentine 3-D, coming Valentine's Day 2009. Can't wait).


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