Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978, Ursula Andress)

Number 2 in my "Cannibal Weekend" brings us Mountain of the Cannibal God, directed by Sergio Martino. These wild and crazy cannibals sure are nasty mofos. This is one I was thinking about watching for awhile but never got around to it. Figured this would be the perfect time.

The film centers around a wealthy woman (Ursula Andress) and her brother who go on an expedition in New Guinea to try to find her husband, who has disappeared. They seek the help of Professor Edward Foster (Stacy Keach) who was one of his colleagues and has a pretty good idea where he might be. What ensues is plenty of cannibal madness, double crossing and (groan) more senseless animal torture. When they finally reach the spot where her husband is expected to be, Andress' character is captured as the cannibal tribe thinks she is their goddess. The cannibals perform a ritual filled with sex, body painting and...well....something involving a pig that needs to be seen to be believed.

The main title sequence of the film blundered the title as "The Mountain of of the Cannibal God" (yes, two of's, I giggled like a school girl). Made me kind of weary of the film and what I was getting myself into. The movie started out a little slow and didn't really get to most of the action until the last half hour. Check out the interview with the director on the Blue Underground dvd where he states that a specific animal killing was accidental and there was no explicit sex, only to be disproved by the folks at Blue Underground. Also, I did like the cast in this one. Stacy Keach I never really cared for until I saw him in Road Games (review coming soon) and Claudio Cassinelli was very good as well. The real prize however was Ursula Andress. When I first saw her in Dr. No when I was ten years old, I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. With her infamous "painted body" scene in this film, I am convinced that if I had seen this as a tender young fifth grader, my weiner would have exploded.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Mountain of the Cannibal God was a decent flick with plenty of gross out scenes to satisfy the hardened gorehound and plenty of nudity to satisfy the hard-on'd fifth grader.


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