Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988, Dwight H. Little)

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Wait, where's Halloween 3? I bet you think I'm one of those guys who thinks part 3 shouldn't be part of the series? A blasphemy to the almighty Halloween name? Survey says...You couldn't be wronger (or is it wrongerer?). You'll just have to wait until my review is up on that one...coming soon.

Halloween 4 takes place ten years after the events of the first two Halloween films. Michael Myers has escaped from an asylum and he's headed back to his hometown of Haddonfield. Michael's target in the first two, Laurie Strode, died about a year prior but she left behind a daughter named Jamie (Danielle Harris), who becomes Michael's new target. When the word gets out, Dr. Loomis (Michael's old doctor who tried to destroy him ten years ago) makes his way back to Haddonfield to prevent another massacre. Unfortunately, Michael gets there first and begins his killing spree. Will Loomis save Jamie before it's too late?

After part 3's departure from the Michael Myers story, the Shape is back. As far as sequels go, part 4 is a solid continuation of the Michael Myers legacy. Lots of scares and some nice gory kills, courtesy of the great John Carl Buechler. Unfortunately, the series started going downhill after this one.

(Note my dvd of part 4 signed by the lovely and talented Miss Danielle Harris. Yes, I rule.)


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