Saturday, October 25, 2008

Child's Play (1988, Tom Holland)

What respectable horror fan has never seen the original Child's Play? Well, up until today, ME! That's the great thing about blogs is that you find yourself revealing your deepest, darkest secrets without the least bit of shame. Halloween is less than a week away, so what could be better than a Child's Play marathon?

As I'm sure all of you know, Child's Play is the story of a doll named Chucky who kills people. Why, you ask, does Chucky kill people? Well, it all started with Charles Lee Ray, AKA the Lakeshore Strangler (and avid voodoo practitioner). After being chased into a toy store and shot by police, Charles uses voodoo to transfer his soul into a talking doll. The doll is then stolen by a homeless street peddler and sold to a single mother looking for a birthday present for her son. A series of bizarre killings begins, but who will believe Andy, the doll's young owner that it is Chucky doing the killing?

The premise seems pretty silly, but Child's Play is actually a fairly scary film. There are lots of suspense and Chucky, in all of his over the top vulgarity, is great. It's not every day you see a movie about a foul mouthed doll come to life and kill. When Child's Play came out on video, the local video store had Chucky dolls hanging from the window. I was a little frightened (being about 8), but also intrigued. The idea of the movie is a great one and 20 years later, even after all the Puppet Masters and Demonic Toys, Child's Play still delivers.


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