Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cannibal Ferox (1981, Umberto Lenzi)

My Friend warned me about this film, calling it one of the worst movies ever made. I told him I was going to watch it this weekend, he warned me again. We have similar tastes in movies though often agree to disagree.

So was he right or will we agree to disagree? Well, keep reading and you'll find out.

Cannibal Ferox (aka Make Them Die Slowly) is the infamous tale of Gloria (Lorraine De Selle from House on the Edge of the Park) who travels to the Amazon jungle to dispel the myth that cannibals exist. Why, you ask? Because she is going to use this topic as her thesis to get her doctorate in Anthropology. Duh! Along for the trip is her brother Rudy and new found friend Pat (wouldn't you bring along an acquaintance to explore the Amazon with you?). After reaching their destination, they stumble upon Mike Logan (John Morghen aka Giovanni Lombardo Radice, also from House on the Edge of the Park) and his friend Joe (who looks like Clark Kent on the show Smallville), who came in search of cocaine and emeralds. They say they are on the run from the cannibal tribe that Gloria came to prove didn't exist. The fact these two groups meet up in the middle of the Amazon is an amazing coincidence, wouldn't you say? Actually I'd say it's more of a silly plot device, but I digress. Pat ends up going off with Mike, who we find out actually tortured and killed one of the tribes people, shedding light on the real reason for the tribe's hostility. Will Gloria and the others live to tell the truth about cannibalism?

Now, the moment of truth...(drum roll please)...No, Cannibal Ferox was not the worst movie ever made. Other than some weak acting and dialogue, the film was actually pretty watchable. The main thing that would probably turn off viewers is the animal killings. This seems to be a common occurrence in Cannibal films, most likely for shock value. I have no problems with people being castrated or having the top of their heads chopped off and their brains eaten by cannibals (both happen in this film) mainly because I know they are fake. The scenes with the animals though, really bug me. See, even gorehounds have heart.


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