Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cannibal Apocalypse (1980, John Saxon)

My "Cannibal-O-Thon" is going well so far, half way done. Cannibal Apocalypse is actually a film I have had in my possession for several years and just never got around to watching...until now.

The story of this one takes place mostly in the city (except for the intro which is a flashback of Vietnam), a big change from the usual Amazon jungle setting. Charlie Bukowski (great name huh?) gets released from a mental institute years after coming back from Vietnam. As soon as he is released he goes on a rampage killing and eating people. Apparently he brought back a virus from 'Nam which causes cannibalism in those that are infected. Also infected is his commanding officer Norman Hopper, who coaxes Charlie to turn himself in. Norman eventually sides with Charlie and a cannibal outbreak begins.

Much of Cannibal Apocalypse reminded me of Dawn of the Dead and other zombie films more than any cannibal film. The scenes of cannibalism were well executed and John Saxon (Enter the Dragon) as Norman and John Morghen (aka Giovanni Lombaro Radice from Cannibal Ferox) as Charlie are both great. I enjoyed the shootout in the flea market where Charlie turns himself in a lot but the ending of the film was a little hokey and expected. Overall a decent film and pretty original for the genre.


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