Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 Random Gas Station Occurrences

As I stated in my first post, I work at a gas station on the weekends (that's not me above and I don't work for Mobil). Something I'm not too proud of, but it allows me to watch all of these great movies I review on here. Anyway, I will take a short break from reviewing and post this list I came up with of.....

10 Random Gas Station Occurrences:

1. I sold cigarettes to a 15 year old
2. Witnessed 3 parking lot vomits
3. Rescued a bat by scooping it up with a shovel and throwing it into the air
4. Was almost attacked by the bat I rescued in # 3
5. Have been flipped off, called stupid, an asshole, a bitch and plenty of other things that have escaped me
6. Was threated by a middle aged woman that she would urinate (my word, not hers) on the floor if I didn't let her use our Employees Only bathroom
7. Found the following interesting things in the trash barrells: vomit, blood, 1/2 full bottles of beer (which poured out on my shoes), poopy diapers and an empty box for a "Cockpit" vibrator
8. Watched 7 Lucio Fulci films over the course of one weekend.
9. Experienced the after effects of consuming a Gas Station Hot Dog (similar to the "entrail vomit" scene in Fulci's City of the Living Dead)
10. Offered an electrical outlet so a customer could plug in his dead cellphone, who in turn used it to set up a drug deal (this actually happened to me last night)

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